Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

It's been a very productive week here in suburbia. I've had a lot of spare time on my hands, and have mostly put it to good use.

For example...
My new workspace, let me show you it:
For quite some time now (uh... 2 and a half years...) my desk, etc. has lived in the room that used to be my office but is now Kidlet's bedroom. Now my desk lives in what was the cluttered/wasted space on one end of the living room. The result is that kidlet has her bedroom all to herself, and I can work without being isolated from her and LT. Also, having my workspace so centrally located motivates me to keep it neat and organized. As an added bonus, the window looks out to the front yard, and I can watch the birds at the feeder. Even better than all that is that kidlet can nap without me bothering her (flashbulb notwithstanding, of course...)
(Aaaaw... in't she cute?...)

I've accomplished a few other things, too. Namely:
-Sorted through my clothes and donated everything that is too big for me (read: just about every piece of clothing in my closet).
-Purchased four new outfits for work, complete with shoes, for less than $300 (I *heart* Old Navy and H&M!).
-Planted all the seeds for this year's herb garden.
-Made several pieces to show to a local jewelry consigner
(For Example...)

-Made a pot of most excellent beef stew.
-Scrubbed every surface in the kitchen until my arms ached.
-In a grand testament to my gracelessness, managed to fall down all 13 of my stairs (without hitting my head once on the way down-- that takes talent!).
-Purchased, wrapped, and shipped a shamefully belated wedding gift (hi Gretchen!).
-Sorted through kidlet's toys and disposed of the ones she's outgrown without her even knowing about it.
-Finished 2 Subversive Cross Stitch projects I had started before Christmas.

Still left on the To Do list:
-Practice walking in new high heel shoes (see above: gracelessness, my).
-Call my new boss to find out what time I need to be at my new job on Monday.
-Iron all my new clothes.
-Upload and edit a whole mess of video footage of kidlet being cute.

I'll catch y'all next week...


Maxine Dangerous said...

I am in LUB with your workspace. :)

Dr. Brokeback said...

Hmmm, SLM. The title of your blog post is familiar....


I can't criticize, however. All I can say is that I stole it from the GoGos first.

Have a great rest of your vacation.