Im in Yr Insurances, Detrminin Yur Benifitz

I got the insurance job, bitches!
That's right, I sold my nursing license to the Man and am now going to make a living as a nurse who has nothing whatsoever to do with patients! SCORE!

I know, I know: insurance companies are evil, and they run the world and only care about making money, and nurses are supposed to care about patients and have compassion, etc...

I know, and yet I do not care. If you are a bedside nurse and you find your career rewarding or fun or otherwise wonderful, good for you. I do not find bedside nursing to be rewarding, fun, or otherwise wonderful. In fact, I will be very happy to never have to touch another sick person again.


shrimplate said...

A friend of mine recently did the same thing, and my spouse has been nudging me to do it, too. I'm starting to get a little old for the bedside craziness.

Maxine Dangerous said...

WOOHOO! Congratulations!! :)

Anonymous said...