The dead thing was a mouse that had crawled into the tall plastic trash can and obviously couldn't get back out...

My boss is not coming back to work. Ever. I now have six weeks to do all the work that she didn't do in the ten months she was up my ass sideways making sure I was doing my job (note: I was doing my job. Plus parts of her job, apparently). Do you think now would be a good time to tell HR that I need to take four weeks off starting in November to have surgery?

LT's folks just called to let us know that they've landed safely at Logan, and after they sleep off the 18 hour flight they'll be over to collect their dog and see kidlet. Oh. And they bought a house in Kauai. You know... on an impulse.

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Anonymous said...

I am WAY behind on my comments! I was out buying a house on impulse, too! LOL!

That is the suck about your job and about surgery! However, I am laughing my lunch up at the phrase "up my ass sideways" and now, I may have to call off work due to the severe cramp I have given myself laughing... it's just such a hilarious IMAGE!