The View From My Desk

Something (literally) died in ceiling of the the ladies' room near reception. The landlord has sent the cute maintenance boy to find and remove it. Some of us have placed bets on what it is. So far, we have 2 votes for mouse, 1 for rat, 1 for bat, 2 for squirrel, 1 for owl (??), and 3 for snake. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the dead (incredibly stinky!) thing.

Mentally retarded boys have an uncanny fondness for WWE wrestling. As I look out my office door, I see a total of approximately 15 mentally retarded boys, 8 of whom are wearing WWE t-shirts. It just occurred to me this morning that this not at all unusual. All you non-mentally retarded boys may want to keep this in mind.

Kidlet's picture is all warped and funny on my sidebar, and that annoys me. I think I'll change it (again!), so that by the time anyone reads this, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm crafty like that.

Someone stole my last fun-size (what, exactly, is "fun" about a small candy bar, by the way?) from my desk. When I find them, I will kill them.

MassHealth auditors are here checking out our financial records. Every half hour or so, my boss pokes his ashen face into my office and says "they need _____ !!!!!!", which I then produce for him. My nonchalance with this whole process is obviously freaking him out. More than usual, I mean.

The smell of the dead thing has now wafted down the hall and into my office. I have now officially lost my appetite for Snickers bars of all sizes, so will no longer have to kill whoever stole it. Lucky for them.

I'm taking tomorrow off from work. I may come to regret this decision on Friday when I come back to find that all hell has broken loose, but for now I'm enjoying knowing that I can stay up late enough to watch Top Chef tonight because I don't have to get up until 8:00 tomorrow morning. I'm going to be spending the entire day at the hospital, so it's not exactly a vacation day, but, again, Amy gets to sleep late=vacation.

LT and I are considering taking a drive to the Big E on Saturday. Anybody out there been this year? It would be kidlet's first fair, which might make it worth the drive (and also: fried dough!). I'm only hesitant because huge crowds make me squick, but I think we've established that taking time off from work is generally not a good plan, so Saturday is really our only option.

I found my Snicker's bar under a pile of paperwork. Anybody want it?


Stephanie said...

Did you go to the Big E? We haven't ventured there but did just return from a trip to Storyland (A lot of work with 3kids 3 and under!)

Amy said...
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Amy said...

No. We went to the Topsfield Fair instead. It was no less crowded, but it's a shorter drive. Kidlet was absolutely petrified at the mere suggestion that she ride on the carousel so I could take a photo, but she did enjoy all the animals. She was also completely fascinated by the giant pumpkin that was driven in on a tractor with a police escort. "Wow!", she said, "thass a BIG apple!".

Stephanie said...

We did Topsfield last year (when we only had 2 kids) :) Too many people for me! And the kids were too young for the rides (3&2) but they did like the animals!