The View From My Desk (Part 2, Apparently...)

Hello there. I live in my office now. Specifically, I live in my office chair. The work, people. Is overwhelming in its volume and irritating-ness. Three jobs for the salary of one makes Amy a very cranky lesbian. It also significantly cuts down on my blogging time. Yesterday, I was trying to decide whether I should quit or have a nervous breakdown. I had almost come to a decision when boss's boss came to see me and asked if I had time to meet with him and Big Boss. Stupidly, I agreed. The meeting was about how I need to step up to the plate and take over more of Former Boss's responsibilities, because things are falling by the wayside that shouldn't. And then my head exploded. The End.

Last night, Mother in Law called to tell me that one of the nurses who works in her office gave her notice. Do I want to be an office nurse? Not particularly. Do I want to be an office nurse for an orthopedic surgeon? Erm. Ever since I fainted in the O.R. that one time in nursing school while I was observing a total hip replacement I've been thoroughly squicked out by all things orthopedic surgery-related. Which is why I became a cardiology nurse. And then I sold my soul to the devil in the guise of the MA Dept. of Mental Retardation in order to secure myself a well-paying mostly office-dwelling job with no nights, weekends, holidays or on-call hours required. Looking back, I think it's safe to say that was the point at which I veered sharply off my career path. Now that I'm in the midst of The Great Work Crisis of 2007, nights and weekends are looking like a small price to pay for a decent paycheck, and I WANT MY SOUL BACK!

I know, I know. Can I possibly be any more vague? After I quit, I'll write a nice post with all the details of the Astonishingly Sucktastic-ness that is my job. And then you all will feel bad for me. Until then, just know that I am thinking of you, my dear Innernet, and counting the moments until we are reunited again.

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