Toilet Training: A Play in Several Acts (Act III)

Kidlet: Poop on the potty?

Amy: Do you need to poop?

Kidlet: [nodding] Yeah!

Kidlet climbs stairs, Amy follows behind.
Interior: bathroom

Kidlet: Diapa off?

Amy: Yup. Diaper off [undresses kidlet from the waist down]

Kidlet: [sits on potty] Poop?

Amy: Go for it!

Kidlet: [makes scrunched-up poopy face] All done!

Amy: [looks in potty, finds it empty] I thought you had to poop.

Kidlet: [nods furiously] Poop on the potty!

Amy: There's no poop there.

Kidlet: [clapping] Yay kidlet! Poop on the potty! Big girl! [does potty dance]

Amy: [looks in potty again. Really. No poop in there]

Kidlet: [dances into her bedroom] New diapa?

Amy: [sighs] Whatever...

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