Friday Five

1. Indigo Girls tickets arrived in the mail yesterday. Awesome seats in a small venue (the same one I saw Sha-Na-Na at when I was 9 years old, BTW). Haven't seen the Girls since my senior year in college, and haven't been to a concert since I saw k.d. lang at the Opera House in 2002. I'm way overdue.

2. But how did he get back down? Why didn't I think of this?

3. Weekend plans: going to kidlet's preschool BBQ/pool party tomorrow. Weather is supposed to be gorgeous. No plans for Sunday yet, but I'm sure LT will come up with a project for us.

4. The vegetable garden is amazing this year. Zucchini, eggplant, summer squash, lettuce and green beans already. Tomatoes, beets, broccoli, cucumbers and Brussels sprouts not far behind. It's been a very good growing season so far. LT also made me a perennial herb garden last weekend and planted rosemary, lavender, soapwort, and lemon balm. She's so good to me!

5. It's 10am. So far, I have successfully cleared a blocked SPT, averted a behavioral crisis in an autistic guy with Marfan's syndrome (read: tall, feels no pain, occasionally psychotic... I still have prominently visible scars from my last go-round with him when I wasn't able to prevent the crisis, only to intervene), taught a class on personal boundaries and appropriate touch, finished the first draft of the medication policy/procedure manual, explained why I do not want to be addressed as "Nurse Sugar Lips" to a high-functioning guy with Down's syndrome (who really knows better but is just trying to push my buttons), returned three phone calls, checked my email 46 times, and caught my boss up on what she missed yesterday. I've accomplished more in 2 hours than I usually get done in a week. I think I should get to go home now.

Have a happy, safe weekend, Internet!


b. said...

I have Marfan's, and found your blog through a Google search of the word "Marfans"....

~~love your attitude, and can sympathize with you "Nurse-Sugar lips" button-pusher, and your response to him.

~~The Girl's Rock. Didn't even know they were still doing concerts.

I'm tall, Lincoln-like, and very much impressed by your blog. Wish I were still blogging~~(Gave it up, for now, because of health concerns)...but, if I ever get back into it, I'm bookmarking you, and I'll be sure to put you in my blogroll.

Take care of yourself & others,


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for your nice comment.
I hope your health concerns resolve soon and you can get back to blogging.