A Few Random Things So You Don't Think I've Given Up Altogether

Hi Kids! Miss me?
Sorry... I've been busy getting promoted to AVP (that's Associate Vice President for those of you not acronym-savvy) of Risk Management at my more-awesome-every-day job. My title can best be described as "VP in charge of whatever my boss tells me to do." Which is to say, it's still a bit undefined. But hey! It came with a pay raise, a bonus, and a space inside the parking garage, so it must be important.

Kidlet turned 3 last month. It seems pretty impossible, but I am assured (mostly by her) that it's true. She is now officially potty-trained, so we get the daycare discount and I can let my membership at BJ's lapse now that it won't be necessary to spend the equivalent of the GDP of a small nation on diapers or Pull Ups anymore. Three seems to carry some awesome type of attitude that I was not prepared for. I don't recall being so disgusted with my parents until I was at least 14 years old. How it is that my child could have perfected the eye roll and dramatic sigh so early in her life is perplexing to me. Yeesh!

I've lost 74 pounds since my surgery. Not one single item of clothing that I owned in January is left in my closet. Even my "skinny clothes" are gone. My fall wardrobe is a size 12, which is something like a miracle. I will need some follow-up plastic surgery on my arms and belly, and I estimate that will eliminate another 20 pounds or so. I am still losing pounds, but at a very slow rate, and the general rule is that it takes a year for the weight loss to completely stabilize, so I anticipate I'll lose another 10 or so by next January. After that, the task will be to keep it stable for a few more months, and then I can start to think about follow-up surgery.

I hate to say that's it for now, but it is. Kidlet is at my parents house, LT is at work, and that means I have a Saturday ALL TO MYSELF, and I'm not going to waste it sitting in front of my computer. See ya on the flipside!

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