Life: It's What Happens in Between Blog Posts

Hi! Is anyone out there still reading? Show of hands...

Oh. Um, okay. Whatever. I'll just continue to blither for my own gratification then...

It's been kind of a mixed bag around Suburban Lesbian world. LT is back to working every other weekend again, which would completely suck, except that she's still technically on per diem status, which means she's being paid a ridiculous amount of money to take care of crazy old people. So... I will suffer without her every other weekend if necessary.

My new friend Michael Kors will keep me company...

(I love my new bag!!)
We managed to secure a weekend off 2 weeks ago, and had planned to g visit my BFF in New Hampshire, but Betsy was sick and had to cancel at the last minute (like, the car was packed and I was in the process of buckling Kidlet into her carseat last minute...). So, we changed plans and drove to the White Mountains instead. It was rainy and foggy and most of the foliage was obscured, but what we could see was nearly at peak and really quite spectacular. I grew up near the White Mountains, and although I hated every minute of my childhood there and couldn't wait to escape, I can acknowledge that it is a visually beautiful place to be. We spent Sunday at Storyland, and Kidlet was out. of. her. mind! with the Awesomeness of it all. She rode every single ride and screamed with delight (as opposed to abject terror, which is what we all expected...). Unfortunately, I'm posting from work, so no photographic evidence at the moment... sorry.
This Sunday we engaged in the annual Family Apple Picking Outing. My parents started taking me to Gould Hill orchard to pick apples when I was a little kid, and now it's become and annual tradition that includes LT's folks. The weather was much sunnier and about 10 degrees warmer in southern NH than it was in suburban Boston, so it was a good plan. Unfortunately, I have been suffering from some GI unpleasantness for the past week or so, and was given strict orders for a clear liquid diet through yesterday, so no apples for me. Everyone says they are very tasty. I'll just have to wait until next weekend to find out for myself. Lots of photos were taken on top of the hill, and I am a lovely shade of green in each one.
I finally just bit the bullet and made the decision to just go back to school. I start online classes 10/14 for a business degree. It will take me about a year and a half to finish, and then I can apply to law school. Law school has been my plan all along, but I got a little sidetracked in my 20s and decided to go to nursing school so I could actually earn a living while going to school part time. Then, along came LT, then mortgage and wedding and kid and... well, life. So, with the blessing and financial backin of my employer, I'm back to school.
If I'm going to be a real student, I'll need a new backpack... Does Michael Kors make bookbags?