Who's Your Daddy?

Out of nowhere, kidlet came running up to me with her little toy cell phone the other day. "Here!", she said, thrusting the phone at me, "he wants to talk to you". "Who wants to talk to me?", I said. "My daddy", kidlet replied, practically rolling her eyes at my foolishness. "Your daddy? You mean Papa?". "No, my daddy". "Oh". I picked up her phone and said a tentative hello, and then had a few seconds of one-sided conversation before handing the phone back to kidlet. In the most casual tone possible, I said "Hey kidlet, do you have a daddy?" She thought about it for a second and then declared that yes, she did indeed have a daddy. "Do you know what his name is?" Kidlet thought for another moment and replied, "Um. Daddy". Mmkay... "What does he look like?". Another pause, then, "Old". Huh. "Are you sure you don't mean Papa, he's Mama's Daddy, you know". "No, not Papa. My daddy." All I could think to say was, "Oh, okay". Kidlet had already put her phone away and was busy with her crayons, so I let it drop.

I guess I always thought the subject would be brought up by kidlet asking who has daddy is, rather than her demanding that I talk to an imaginary person on a toy cell phone.

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