My Beautiful New Mudroom, Let Me Show You It

One of several points of contention in the Suburban Lesbian household has been the subject of the entrance into the house. It's a small space about 4x6 feet, and it's the first thing you encounter when you come up the stairs to go in the house. For five years now, it has looked something like this:

(Do not be frightened by the dark pit of Ugly and Mess, dear welcomed guest...)

After the approximately five thousandth time I tripped over some piece o' crap and literally fell into my own kitchen, I'd had enough. Last Saturday was going to be the day. Kidlet was at the grandfolks, LT was at work, I had the house to myself, and it was a rainy, windy day. Perfect conditions for a Project. I made a shopping list, and went to bed with plans to be at Ikea first thing in the morning. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I woke up the next day at... um 2:30 in the afternoon...

My resolve was still strong, so I dragged my ass out of bed, showered, and braved the crowds. Fortunately, there was something of a hurricane going on, and therefore not prime shopping weather. $200 later, I walked out of Ikea with everything I needed for my Project, plus a new living room rug, new curtains for the dining room, a mini table and 2 chairs for kidlet's room, and some other assorted stuff I just couldn't possibly leave behind.

I got home and was finished with the assembly process just as LT was getting home. Lucky her. So I made her help.
Two hours later, we had this:

(We had wine! All this time, I had no idea we had wine!)

After I was all finished and admiring my work, LT asked me why I hadn't done this years ago. And then I killed her and stuffed her body into one of the new recycling bins.

The End.


C-LO said...

I'm a random blog reader of yours, followed a link from another blog to yours and I bookmarked it. Someday my girlfriend and want to have kids and I like reading about the adventures of Amy, L.T. and kidlet. Anyway, my sister is a faithful blogger and she said to me, "People love comments." So here is a comment: fantastic mudroom overhaul.

Bubblewench said...

LOL! You're funny... Great job with the overhaul - don't you just LOVE the Ikea! It's the best.

shrimplate said...

We had a mudroom when we lived in the Dismal Wilderness, and it was full of firewood about 9 months a year. And boots.

Homes in the Valley don't have mudrooms... well, they do, but they're big and fancy and called "lawyer foyers," derisively.

Ms. Sarah said...

I love the new pic of Kidlet!

Hope you're doing well!

Amy said...

Bubblewench: I *love* the Ikea. I love that it is actually located in my town, less than 5 minutes from my house. I hate that I can't get out of my driveway every Saturday afternoon because everyone else in New England also loves the Ikea, though. *sigh* the sacrifices we make for cheap home goods...

Ms. Sarah: The kid is so freakin' photogenic! Even the people at Sears portrait studio can't take a bad picture of her!