And How Was YOUR Holiday?

The highlights (err... lowlights?):

Betsy! Yay! (more on that later).

Turkey at Mom's! And carrot cake! Very Yummy and Yay!

Mother in Law knitted me a gorgeous warm and soft and fluffy shawl. Just because. Yay! So sweet!

LT and I put our newly-minted CPR cards to work on a junkie prostitute who wandered into the street and was hit by the car ahead of us. While we were driving home from church, no less! Fortunately, she had a pulse and was moving around and muttering a bit by the time the ambulance arrived and she was breathing at a much more acceptable rate after getting a little Narcan from the friendly paramedics. The off-duty state trooper who stopped to help was kind enough to direct traffic around us as we worked in the middle of the road. That was sweet. After the police got our statements and identification information, we went and got pizza. You know. Just a normal Sunday afternoon...

Real estate transactions are in the works! Fucking super awesome fantastic amazing Yay!

LT's face + a flailing kidlet (specifically her very hard melon of a head) = momentary loss of consciousness and a highly impressive shiner.

Shrek the Third arrived in the mail Friday afternoon. LT, Betsy and I sat on the couch and giggled like idiots for 2 hours.

So, that's all the news for now. More later when I get my shit together.

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