WHY? Um... 'Cuz

Have I mentioned lately that my baby is now a toddler? I think I might have. Have I mentioned that living with a toddler is sometimes enough to make me want to stick my head in the oven? (Have I mentioned that my oven is electric?) The latest addition to the kidlet's toddler repetoire is that which I have been dreading since she was a zygote. The "Why?" Game. Oh yes. It's here.

What's that? You don't know how to play The "Why?" Game? Here is a demonstration:
Mama: "Kidlet, time to get up."
Kidlet: "Why?"
Mama: "Because you have to get dressed for school."
Kidlet: "Why?"
Mama: "Because you can't go to school naked."
Kidlet: "Why?"
Mama: "Because in our society, people do not go out in public naked."
Kidlet: "Why?"
Mama: "Because Massachusetts was founded by English Puritans who believed that being naked is sinful."
Kidlet: "Why?"
Mama: "Because it makes people think about sex."
Kidlet: "Why?"
Mama: "Because people are usually naked when they have sex."
Kidlet: "Why?"
Mama: "Because it's easier that way."
Kidlet: "Why?"
Mama: [head explodes]

The "Why?" Game can not be played in reverse, however. This tidbit of information came as a complete surprise to me. As it turns out, the rules of The "Why?" Game are rigid, and the script is not to be deviated from. So, when I walk into the kitchen and say "Kidlet, why is every sippy cup and plastic bowl you own on the floor?" The response to my question is "Um... 'Cuz". When I say "Why is your bowl of yogurt on top of your head like a hat?" Response: "Um... 'Cuz." When I say "Kidlet, for the love of God, WHY do you feel the need to drink your soapy bath water!?" The response is (wait for it...) "Um... 'Cuz."

WHY are LT and I going to spend our kidlet-free Friday night getting drunk in a hotel room? UM... 'CUZ!

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Oakley used to grab his little feet, look up at me and drag it out... cuuuuzzzz.... like it made him cute and less likely to be sold to gypsies!

The Why games gets no less annoying as they get older. Now he understands the answers and so the questions take the tone of a trial lawyer... as if EVERYTHING I DO IS SUSPECT NOW! I wonder if the gypsies are still in the market?? LOL