Happy Birthday to Kidlet!

The highlights of Kidlet's birthday party:
Mmmmm... Cake!
Watermelon's not bad, either...

A Neeeeeeeew Car!

One of the 46 new toys that make noise!

Also: approximately 100 friends and family stopped by, including all of Kidlet's daycare teachers and several of the other kids in her class. People brought gifts even though we had asked them not to, and Kidlet is especially enamored of the baby and toy stroller her friend Alexys brought her. She has dragged the baby everywhere with her and is occupied for hours pushing the baby around in the stroller. I asked her yesterday what her baby's name is, and she looked at me like I'm crazy, rolled her eyes and replied "Um... Baby". Of course. Silly me.


shrimplate said...

My kid liked tape. That was their favorite toy. And shampoo. They'd go through a whole bottle in one day.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so cute! I am a Suburban Lesbian Mom (SLM), too! I love ur blog! I'll be back!

Bubblewench said...

OH she is adorable! Look at those cheeks!