Reality Check

Kidlet will be 2 years old in August. Rereading that sentence gave me a little bit of a shock. She was just born yesterday, how can she be almost 2 already? But also, she's been here forever, so how could she only be 2 years old? Such is the dichotomy of parenthood...

My baby has become a child. She is a real person who is able to think and reason and solve problems of ever-expanding complexity. She is developing a personality that is so very much a mixture of mine and LT's that it is difficult for people to tell whose genes she came from. She is stubborn and independent and strikingly verbal. She speaks in full sentences, even though she sometimes mixes up the order of the words. She sings several songs from start to finish and can recite Good Night Moon completely from memory. She wants to do everything herself ("Mama, I do!") whether she is physically capable or not. She dances whenever she hears music, and she goes ballistic when she sees Barney.

Her hair has finally started to grow in and is starting to look a little like she has a combover sometimes. I can't bring myself to cut it because her little baby curls are so sweet. I love to rub her fuzzy little head and bury my face in her freshly shampooed hair. Kidlet was a late walker, but she has more than made up for lost time. She runs around as fast as her chubby little legs will take her, and laughs gleefully as she careens into my arms ("Mama, I running!"). She is shaped exactly like LT- broad shoulders, small waist, narrow hips, round bum and short legs. She is constantly in motion- a little power plant of kinetic energy, even when she's asleep.

This little person amazes me. She baffles, infuriates, and impresses me on a daily basis. When I think of the things I love most in life the top ten are centered around her- the way she reaches her hands up when she wants me to pick her up, the spontaneous hugs and kisses on both cheeks, the way she screams "Mama!" when I walk into a room, the feeling of her snuggled up against me when she is tired, the sight of her sleeping face, and the sound of her laugh. I don't remember my life before her, and I can't imagine life without her.

How did I get so lucky?

Click to enlarge the photo.
(Note the Fred Flintstone feet! Is there really any question that LT made this kidlet?)


MonkeyGirl said...

My Very Best Friend is also a Suburban Lesbian Mom; She and her wife have one daughter that is 1 1/2, and another baby on the way in August. She says the same thing all the time about life before the kidlet. I think that's a sign of a great parent.

I'm so glad you commented- adding you to my blogroll!

gingajoy said...

seriously gorgeous and with a wicked smile:) (I say that as mother of a 4yr old and 7month old!)
the "baffles, infuriates, and impresses me" part. It only intensifies. or so I've heard;-)