Friday Five

This week's headlines:

1. Toddler Learns to Poop on the Potty Every Night Before She Goes to Bed! Proud Mothers Feel Very Smug!

2. High Pollen Count Continues! Amy's Sinuses Begging For Mercy!

3. Lesbian Couple Celebrates Their Second Wedding Anniversary this Sunday!

4. Local Woman: "The Muppet Show, Season 1 on DVD is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me!" And Also: "I Can't Wait for Season 2!"

5. Gay Marriage Remains Legal in Massachusetts!

Have a GREAT weekend!


shrimplate said...

I always liked the two cranky old muppet guys up in the balconty. And the Swedish Chef.

Swedish Chef Dialectizer here. Comes in very handy.

Amy said...

Thanks for that little gem, Shrimplate! I ran my home page through the Dialectizer and almost peed myself laughing!

P.S. The Redneck version gave me scary flashbacks to my childhood in New Hampshire.