Toilet Training: A Play in Several Acts (Act II)

Kidlet: Mama! Poop!
Amy: [grumbles under her breath] Okay. Let's go!
Kidlet: [climbs stairs to the bathroom while Amy follows behind]
I do! [yelled angrily at Amy, who has the nerve to try to help kidlet get her pants unbuttoned]
Amy: Okay. Have a seat.
Kidlet: [sits on potty seat for approximately 0.125 seconds] Okay! All done!
Amy: No, no, no. You didn't do anything! Sit back down!
Kidlet: [sits back down for approximately 0.06125 seconds] Okay! All done! [runs out of the bathroom, pants around her ankles]
Amy: [shakes her head in defeat. Fights back tears] Okay. Come back and get your diaper.
[it is eerily quiet]
Amy: Kidlet? [walks into kidlet's bedroom]
Kidlet: [is in the process of taking a giant dump on her bedroom floor]

[fade to black...]

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