100 Answers

...to questions that are often asked...

1. I was born in 1974.
2. LT and I got married (legally!) twice, on the same day in 2005 and 2006.
3. The first time was so I could be listed as "Parent #2" on our baby's birth certificate.
4. The second was because we had already set a date and put down thousands of dollars in deposits before we found out about the loophole in MA law that would allow #3.
5. We honeymooned in Kauai.
6. I love LT and the kidlet more than I ever thought I was capable of.
7. I graduated from nursing school in 2002. Before I was a nurse, I was a social worker.
8. LT is also a nurse.
9. We met through Planet Out on February 23, 2003.
10. Our daughter was conceived through artificial insemination in our bedroom on November 11, 2004.
11. We used frozen sperm from an anonymous donor and got pregnant the second time we tried.
12. I have one brother who is exactly 2 and a half years younger than me.
13. My parents are still together.
14. LT's parents are also lesbians. They are also both nurses.
15. My parents and LT's parents all love each other and are close friends. We all spend holidays together.
16. LT has one brother. He lives in California. He does not keep in contact with his family.
17. Both of LT's parents are recovering alcoholics. They have both been sober for 23 years. They still go to AA meetings at least once a week.
18. LT, kidlet and I go to church every other Sunday. Our minister married us the second time around. We are one of 6 lesbian families in our congregation.
19. My favorite colors are in the bottom of the rainbow- green, blue and purple.
20. I am a sugar addict.
21. LT is one of 2 women I've had sex with.
22. My first relationship with a woman lasted 9 years.
23. There are 2 cars in my driveway: a Nissan Xterra and a VW Jetta.
24. LT and I own our home.
25. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
26. I was diagnosed with chronic Atrial Fibrilation in 1998.
27. I take 7 pills a day. One of them is Prozac. It saved my life.
28. I am very crafty. I make soap, I crochet, and I sew.
29. I taught myself to do all those things.
30. I love to cook.
31. My brother is the locally famous chef of a locally famous Italian restaurant.
32. I love and collect bags like other women love and collect shoes.
33. I am more "girly" than LT, but her hair is much longer than mine.
34. Kidlet looks exactly like LT, but she got her blue eyes from the sperm donor.
35. LT and I both have green eyes and dark brown hair, but LT's hair turns red in the summer.
36. I am half Italian, and half British.
37. My maternal grandfather's family arrived on the Mayflower.
38. He was a WWII veteran who suffered from untreated PTSD.
39. I had just started to get to know and understand him in the years before he died.
40. He was the first person to figure out I was gay. He told me he loved me, and that he hoped I would find a nice girl to take care of me.
41. He would have loved LT as much as he loved me.
42. My mother and I had no real relationship when I was growing up.
43. I spent most of my time with my aunt Jane, who was my best friend.
44. She had diabetes and renal failure, and I used to keep her company while she had dialysis at a hospital in Boston.
45. She died on December 1, 1994 on the 10th floor of that same hospital in Boston. The last words she said to me were "I love you".
46. I miss her every day.
47. I have 2 tattoos, both in places I have to be naked for anyone to see.
48. LT has 4 tattoos, all in plain sight.
49. My favorite movie of all time is The Princess Bride. I am compelled to watch it every time it's on TV.
50. I secretly prayed that the kidlet would be a girl.
51. So did LT (we didn't tell each other that until she was 6 months old).
52. We didn't find out ahead of time, and I was convinced she was a boy.
53. My favorite season is Fall.
54. I'd rather be too cold than too warm.
55. I hate to wear shoes, and I'm not a big fan of socks, either.
56. I use mousse and hairspray every day.
57. I love to shop online.
58. I wish that LT and I had sex more often.
59. Like, more than once a month would be good.
60. I'm an exceptionally lazy person.
61. My favorite hobby is photography.
62. I almost always remember my dreams.
63. I am painfully shy and socially anxious.
64. I would much rather write than talk to people.
65. I wish I had better self-esteem.
66. I work on it every day.
67. LT is 6 years older than me, but everyone thinks I'm the older one.
68. I was physically attracted to LT the moment I saw her.
69. We were together for a year before we moved in together.
70. I like cleanliness and neatness, but I hate to clean.
71. My favorite food is ice cream.
72. I've had 5 jobs in the last 5 years.
73. The job I have now is the first one I've ever had that I like.
74. Being a nurse is not at all like I thought it would be.
75. Most days, I'd rather work at Starbucks.
76. Right now, my favorite TV show is "Deadliest Catch".
77. Who's in my CD changer right now: Five for Fighting, Jason Mraz, Pink, The Dixie Chicks, John Mayer, Green Day.
78. I wish I knew more about computers.
79. I wish I had more friends.
80. I have a hard time letting people get close to me.
81. I was tortured every day of high school by my classmates and one teacher.
82. The teacher was my English teacher, and he mocked my writing in front of the whole class.
83. He was later fired for having sex with one of my classmates.
84. When I went away to college, I planned to become an English teacher.
85. I changed my major to Social Science and my minor to Women's Studies.
86. My plan was to go to law school.
87. Nursing school was much cheaper.
88. I wish I had gone to law school.
89. I'm glad I'm almost done with this list.
90. Every room in my house is painted a different color.
91. It took 2 months to choose them all.
92. We renovated the kitchen when LT was 9 months pregnant.
93. It's still not finished.
94. I make more money than my boss.
95. She knows this and it drives her crazy. But she doesn't know that I know.
96. I am a chronic procrastinator.
97. I drink my coffee with cream and sugar. Extra cream.
98. I am mildly dyslexic- I tend to transpose numbers.
99. I am waiting for my doctor to call with biopsy results.
100. Nobody knows I keep this blog.

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