Top Ten Reasons I Want to Punch Someone (Anyone!) in the Face

1. Carbon monoxide alarm. Alarming. LOUDLY! At 4am.
2. Kidlet was picked up by my Mum this a.m. to spend 2 days with her and my Pops. Safe from carbon monoxide poisoning, but also out of hug range. I miss my squooshy!
3. I am at work, waiting for the people who better be finding and fixing the source of the carbon monoxide to call me and tell me all the gruesome details (i.e. how much is this going to cost?).
[update: someone who sounded an awful lot like the Lucky Charms guy called to tell me there is an ant nest in the base of the chimney, and the soil they've dug up has caused the furnace vent to get blocked and exhaust back into the house. Oh, and we need to line the chimney.]
4. Did I mention I'm at work? I hate work this week. Obviously, I'm so totally overwhelmed with stuff to do...
5. Daycare tuition is going up by $50 a week next month. That's an extra $200 a month on top of the $1000 a month we're already paying. For $1200 a month, we could buy the kidlet her own house. WTF!?
6. LTs job is making her (and thus me) an insane person. She's working 12 hour days doing 2 separate jobs (charge nurse and assistant DON), plus pushing a med. cart more often than not because the unit is horribly understaffed, and taking work home with her while the DON continues to "delegate" her entire job into LTs lap. Said DON also can't manage to show up for work before 10am because she's too busy sleeping off the previous night's bender... (I'm going to stop now, because I can feel my blood pressure rising).
7. Scummy teenagers calling my peeps "retards" and making fun of one of them while she was having a seizure at the park Tuesday. I'm sure said teenagers felt really cool after they made the retarded people cry. Nice.
8. The construction guy working in the warehouse that shares a wall with my office smoking cigars all day. The smell is killing me!
9. The receptionist who keeps paging people for calls and announcing who is calling and what they want to the entire building ("Amy, you have a call on line 1. It's Dr. Chang calling with the results of your Pap Smear"). Well, not exactly, but basically.
10. Tired. So very tired. To my bones tired. Achy joints, headache, nauseated, can't stop yawning tired.

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Dr. Brokeback said...

Hey-you had an embarrasing pap smear moment this week as well? weird. No, really. (I mention mine on today's post.)
Dr. BB.