A Post About Unidentified Flowers, Bunnies, and a Psychotic Dog

Fellow residents of the Northeast, rejoice! For the crocuses have croaked, and the hyacinths have... uh... bloomed? Sorta. Well, they're thinking very seriously about it.

Also, there is a small child running around the back yard in a dress, clutching a sippy cup.

It turns out we planted daffodil bulbs last fall. This comes as a surprise to both myself and LT, although LT remains unconvinced that the things growing up next to the things that are definitely tulips are not also tulips. She is stubborn, that one.

Also, the hosta have poked their little noses through the mulch to say "hi". It's amazing what just a few days of sunlight and warmth have done to the yard.

Also! The bunnies! A family of little brown bunnies have found a new hobby: chasing each other through the brush on the other side of the fence, seemingly with the intention to torment the dog. They are so cute! And Daisy is so overcome with want ("want to eat bunnies!") that she's a lunatic every time we let her out in the yard. She just runs back and forth the length of the fence barking her houndy-beagle "Roo!" bark. It's quite annoying, and often causes the kidlet to spontaneously shout "Daisy, quiet!". And that's just comic gold, I tell ya!

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