The Mix Tape in the Carseat

A sampling of the songs that Kidlet knows enough of the words to sing along to:

KT Tunstall: Suddenly I See
John Mayer: Say
Pink: So What
Indigo Girls: Pendulum Swinger
Indigo Girls: Shame on You
John Denver: Rocky Mountain High
Lori McKenna: Drinkin' Problem
Lori McKenna: Unglamorous
Lori McKenna: Fireflies
Lori McKenna: Witness to Your Life
Five for Fighting: The Riddle
Jason Mraz: Life is Wonderful
Jason Mraz: Wordplay
Dierks Bentley: How're You Doin'?

It's a very interesting mix, mostly due to the fact that LT and I have very divergent musical taste. It is, however, both hysterical and distressing to hear one's 3 year old belt out "I think I've got a drinkin' problem" from the back seat.

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Maxine Dangerous said...

*snort* Blame it on the sippy cups. ;)