All of my work frustration and unhappiness and anger came to a head this morning when I overheard the employee who has been the bane of my existence since December telling an outright lie to a client. I'd finally had it, and I decided to call her on it. I told her that the least she could do was be honest with him. After all the uproar and turmoil she has caused (all of which is directly related to the client she was in the process of lying to), it seemed that the right thing to do would be to tell the truth. She reacted (as she has to every other word that has come out of my mouth since December) by running to my colleague and whining/throwing a hissy fit. Three minutes later I heard the Boss Man paging me to his office, and I lost it. I went into his office (where he was sitting with my colleague/co-manager) and handed him my keys. When he wouldn't take them from me, I threw them on his desk. I told him I was completely fed up, and I wasn't going to tolerate another moment of abuse from him or anyone else at this agency. I then managed to articulate (loudly, but without crying) all of the reasons he could go fuck himself. The end result was three-fold.
1. He agreed to fire the employee in question, and called payroll to have them cut her a check.
2. He apologized for being a complete tool.
3. He told me that I am of value to the agency, that my work here is important and appreciated, and that he can not run the agency or the program without me.

Now, three hours after I agreed to take my keys back on the condition that the employee will not be returning, my relief nurse has called to tell me that the Boss Man booked her "on standby" for next week.

To Be Continued...

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