The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

I'm back just long enough to say how much I've missed you, baby. I can't live without you, and I want to make it work. I'll do whatever it takes to win you back. Come on, baby, think of the good times. Think of all the things we've shared. The intimacy, baby! I've never had that with anyone else...
Okay. I'm giving myself the creeps.

I blame it on the cold medicine. Kidlet gave the gift that keeps on giving, and I've been a sneezy, congested, coughing pile of viral nastiness for the past week. The good: Dayquil makes me able to breathe through my nose. The bad: it tastes like orange-colored ass. The ugly: see paragraph one.

Work. Oh, people. You have no idea. The good: I'm getting the hang of being Queen of the Human Services Universe; Doer of All, Knower of Everything (bow to me, bitches!). The bad: Big Boss resigned last week, leaving me and Boss's Boss to run the world. The ugly: Boss is returning next week for 7 days, which is just long enough to screw things up and totally disrupt the fragile little kingdom I have built. Since my overwhelming desire is to punch Boss in the face, it may indeed be very ugly around here.

Kidlet. The good: OMG, my squooshy is so friggin' cute that I can hardly stand it. The bad: she has discovered whining. The ugly: sustained whining plus coughing and snot production in overdrive equals our house is now a biohazard. The entire house and all its contents needs to be red-bagged and autoclaved.

The Red Sox. The good: Game 1 of the World Series!!! There would be all good, except that I have an appointment this evening near Kenmore Square, and I anticipate burning an entire tank of gas just sitting in the traffic.

I'll be back again soon, baby. I have pictures to show you and things to tell you that will blow your mind, baby! I'll make you all weak in the knees and begging for more. Just you wait...

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Anonymous said...

I call Oakley my "squishy"!! Of course, he is at an age where it now irritates him. So I do it incessantly! :-)

Sorry all are feeling bad! :-(

"Orange colored ass"... LMAO!!!!