The Post In Which I Make Random, Whiny Statements.

Indulge me. I have some whining to do. Are you ready? No? Well, too bad. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.
How many times can a person sneeze before they turn themselves inside out? Stay tuned. I may have an answer for you soon.
My boss came back from vacation and was at work for 4 hours before she had to be taken to the hospital because of excruciating abdominal pain. Ruptured diverticula. IV antibiotics. Surgery today. Hemi-colectomy? Definitely. Colostomy? Quite possibly. MassHealth surveyors coming next month to certify the program? Oh, yeah. Percent chance that Boss will be out of the hospital and back to work before then? Minus ten. Amy panicking just a bit? Mmmm. Hmmmm.
Bye, bye annual week-long vacation on Martha's Vineyard! Hope you and all my friends have a great time!
And I wonder why I haven't been able to sleep all week.
New Target being built on the halfway point between work and home is being framed today. Big trucks carrying enormous slabs of concrete caused traffic to back up so far that it took me 20 minutes to travel the 1.7 miles from home to work. On the plus side: NEW TARGET STORE BEING BUILT BASICALLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE OMG!!! I know I will change my tune significantly when the place opens and I can't turn off my street because the traffic is so congested, so I will just be happy until the theoretic traffic becomes actual traffic.
This headache that won't go away? Sucks. Ass. I am done with you now. Please go bother someone else.
I have to drive toward the Cape on a Friday before a holiday weekend to pick up my kid at her grandfolks house. Am supremely stupid.
Speaking of kidlet: grandfolks bought and sent her a super-cool swingset/slide/clubhouse for her birthday. LT managed to assemble it only to find that it was missing the beam that the swings are supposed to hang from, and that basically holds the whole thing together. Lovely as it is, it's not exactly what I would choose as a lawn ornament. Plus, the whining from kidlet and the crying that ensues when we explain that she can't "swing" yet makes my ears bleed. Toddlers don't understand global supply and shipping logistics, and no amount of explanation is going to convince her that her parents are not just mean and/or lazy and won't finish putting her swingset together. LT is a good Mommy, so she called the company, told them the saga of the Missing Piece, and they promised to overnight it to us. Two weeks ago. The next time we call to inquire as to the location of said missing piece, I'm going to put kidlet on the phone so she can express her supreme disappointment to the nice lady herself. My translation lacks the much-needed sense of urgency that only kidlet can so expertly convey.
Daisy-dog is allergic to something in the yard/air at this time of year. Fortunately, this lasts only a couple of weeks every year, but she spends all night scratching. Next to the bed. Benadryl, oatmeal baths, etc. have little effect. Her sad little doggy face hurts my heart.
LT's folks leave next week for Kauai. I do not leave for Kauai until a year from next week. Waaaaa!
I have one positive thing to say: It is currently 12:30 on the Friday before a long holiday weekend, and I can lock my office door behind me in just 2 and a half short hours. I should probably get some work done.
Happy, healthy, safe Labor Day weekend for everyone!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I am so sorry about the missed vacay... that is the total suck!
And yes, explaining anything to a child who is disappointed is like digging a brick wall with a plastic spoon, except digging the wall is less frustrating!
I hope your weekend is great and that things look up!

Bubblewench said...

Sucks you don't get your trip..

Put the kid on the phone for sure. That beam will be there so fast.

Please don't go broke with a Target across the street! I like to keep Target at a safe driving distance. Like Trader Joes. If I go in there, it's minimum $50.

Have a great holiday weekend.