The Rocket's Red Glare and Shit...

Happy Independence Day, Internet! I know I'm a day early, but I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow and won't have time to post this then.

July 4th is the annual Amy's Family BBQ Blowout. My parents look forward to this every year, and usually start well in advance making everything all nicey-nice. Last year they had the back yard sodded, and this year they had about 20 trees taken down and a kitchen built in the back yard. Said kitchen is housed in a shed that is 20 feet square and fully tricked-out, including a deck for Dad's massive grill. The insanity. It does not stop.

Before the BBQ festivities, we must first walk downtown to our customary spot in front of the Old Ship Church to watch the parade- a 2-hour minimum affair. Were it not for the fact that kidlet absolutely loved all the noise and excitement of the parade last year, I would skip this part altogether. Of course, this year, she'll probably scream her little lungs out in terror. As is her way. Nevertheless, she will be outfitted in her red, white and blue finery for the occasion. Many photos will be taken. With any luck, we'll be able to catch another gem like this one from last year.

(Note the lush, green, carpet of grass...)

Be happy, healthy and safe!

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