Sleeping Beauty

I'm writing this post as the kidlet is asleep in her crib behind me. She's sprawled out on her belly with her face turned toward me, her head resting on her arm, and her little mouth is partway open. She sleeps in the same position I do. She is surrounded by her books, several bears, and Elmo. Always Elmo. She has three blankets in there with her, but only because I took the other four out to wash them the other day and couldn't bear to put them back while it was so hot upstairs. She doesn't sleep under her blankets, she just bunches them up around herself and snuggles into them. No matter how cool her room is, she always wakes up hot and sticky, her hair soaked with sweat. She is a little power plant manufacturing heat energy. We could probably power the whole house if we could figure out how to harness it.

This nap is impromptu. I put her in her crib with a sippy cup and a stack of books so I could take a shower. LT is working an extra shift today, so it's just me and kidlet. I had planned to go out after I got cleaned up and dressed. We were going to buy the plants for the vegetable garden, and stop by the craft store to pick up a few odds and ends. Nothing that can't wait a few hours. Or forever. Because that's about how long I could sit here and stare at my Sleeping Beauty.

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